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Its an addon for Real Estate Manager that allows users/visitors to mark their favorite properties and view them on a separate page for future reference.

There are no settings or configurations, just install and activate this addon and it will automatically display an icon with the properties to add them into wishlist.

Latest Version 1.9 – Released on 14 October 2020

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v1.9 - 14 October 2020

  • Feature Added: Auto Updates Enabled
  • Notice: API files removed
  • Some other small fixes and enhancements
  • POT updated

v1.8 - 13 September 2020

  • Feature Added: wishlist button on single property page enhanced
  • Bug Fixed: p tag not closing

v1.5 - 27 April 2020

Bug Fixed: When logged in, all properties appear in wishlist.

v1.4 - 26 April 2020

  • Auto-update feature added
  • Settings added for plugin labels
  • Styles related issues fixed

v1.3 - 25 April 2020

  • Feature Added: Compatible with REM 10.7.0
  • Feature Added: Admins can check the bookmarked listings of logged-in users

v1.2 - 12 May 2019

  • Bug Fixed: Translations not working
  • Translation Added: Spanish (es_ES) added
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