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Image Caption Hover

Image Caption Hover is an awesome WordPress plugin to add images in widget areas with a caption. There are different hover styles available for the caption.

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      1. I just downloaded and installed the plugin version 6.1 and still have the same problem. The link opens in new tab but I want it to open in the same one as it links to a page of the same website. 🙁 What can I do?
        The plugin is really great and I would really like to use it! Thank you!

          1. Hi Rameez, I already did that but I didn’t notice that I left a blank space before so it didn’t work. Thank you for your quick support and the great plugin!

  1. Hi there, cool plugin. Is there any way to get the heading to show at the bottom of the image before hovering (so only part of the overlay shows with the heading before hover) – then when you hover over the image the full overlay slides up with the heading and caption details? See example here: scroll down to under the heading ‘Related offers from

  2. Hi,
    My name is Borisa Djuraskovic. I am associated with Web Hosting Hub community team.
    I found your Image Caption Hover plugin at very interesting. I would like to translate it to my native Serbo-Croatian language and help people from my community find your plugin useful too. But you would need to create the translatable .pot file first in order for me to proceed. Please let me know if you are willing to do that so I can translate it.

    Borisa Djuraskovic

    1. Hi Borisa,
      Thanks for your cooperation, but we are already working on its translation ready version and it will be launched soon. I hope Serbo-Croatian will also be included in that, if not then i will contact you to do this.

  3. Hi,

    Great Plugin!

    Is there any way to use it in WordPress without Widgets? I mean – I want to use it exactly as you shown in the demo. view images next to each other with the Caption Hover effect.



    1. Hi Eldad,
      Currently there is no such way but we are working on it, you can use any other plugin for creating Widgets in pages like “Simple Page Sidebars” or “Multiple Sidebars”.


  4. Hi Rameez! i recently installed you plugin it’s awesome but can you please add extra feature like when i add less content then it should display from center of picture not from top on hover second how i can add this on pages, i really need second option because i don’t want this to work only on widget.

    Darr W

  5. Hi,

    Nice plugin. What’s the best way to go about making it work on mobile? The background color and text appear automatically now.

  6. Hi, very nice plugin. New to WordPress and the world of shortcodes. I have a source code for your hover action and a source code for a iLightbox gallery.

    [ilightbox id=”0″][/ilightbox]
    [image-caption-hover id=”2″]

    Basically I want on mouse over to see the text and on clicking on the single gallery launch image see the iLightbox gallery. Can these shorcodes work together?

    I need to know how I can make this action happen and if it is achievable using shortcodes at all.


  7. Hi there, I LOVE your plugin! I’m added it to my new website, soon online. I’m using the slide left to right style on a big image.
    Here my questions :
    – can I set the position of the caption? It would be great to set the pixel from the borders
    – can I set caption in and out time ?



    1. 1. You can use “.caption div” selector in css to customize positioning of caption.
      2. Yes, you can change caption in out time by following style
      .wcp-caption-image {
      transition: all 500ms ease-out;
      Here at 500ms, you can add your time like 2s (2 seconds)

  8. Hi Rameez,

    I’m here again to ask you if there are any compatibility issues with Jetpack.
    I’m using the Jetpack CSS Editor, but the changes you’ve suggested do not have any results. JP CSS editor has worked fine until now. Of course, it is not use to deactivate your plugin since I need to check changes… Any clues?
    Thank you,


      1. Dear Rameez,

        thank you for the support. I’ve figured out that it is an issue with the Jetpack plugin and my nameserver, and NOT with your plugin, since I’m working on the new version on the website before publishing it. Once the website is online, everything should be fine. If
        I will let you know. Thank you again, and… great work!

  9. HI Rameez,

    I use your plugin and it’s very great. I have a problem with the Html in the legend. I can’t make a link on my text. When I use in legend text, that didn’t work. Can you help me ?
    P.S i’m sorry for my english i’m french -)

  10. Is it possible to center text without using absolute positioning? this is because if the image is undergoing other processing that may change it’s display width, this plugin still computes the centering of text using absolute positioning which then throws text off the screen.

    1. Otherwise, I looooove the plugin 🙂 it’s so simple and yet super flexible in many ways. Feature request – is it possible to add a transition where hover slides in from the direction in which the mouse in coming from and slides out in the direction it exits? Have seen it elsewhere and it is super duper cool!

  11. Hi! I use this plugin for a while and I like it a lot. However, I cannot use the hex color input today. I mean, there used to be a text input field for hex color number on the side of background color pick area. The text field is still there, but it’s black now and doesn’t allow any input. Why does it happen and how can I fix it? Thanks a lot!

  12. Is it possible with this plugin to create a image hover with an other image?

    First Image, than on mouse over or roll over the second image?


    best regards,


  13. Hi!
    Im new user of WordPress and found your great plugin.

    My question is how to add a link to the whole image, because i can add a link to the text inside the frame, but the link works only over it, not the entire thing.


  14. Hi, I downloaded your plugin last week and I’m liking it a lot. I have run into a problem, though. I’m trying to make changes to the saved images, but none of my changes will save. I’m not sure why. Can you help me out? Thank you!

  15. Hi guys,

    The loading for the image captions is VERY intermittent. Can you advise? Sometimes out of 9 images, just 6 will show up, sometimes 5, sometimes all. It’s really random.


  16. Did the question of Marc get an answer ?
    I would be very intersted to do that also.

    Marc says:
    July 29, 2015 at 10:51 am
    Hi, very nice plugin. New to WordPress and the world of shortcodes. I have a source code for your hover action and a source code for a iLightbox gallery.
    [ilightbox id=”0″][/ilightbox]
    [image-caption-hover id=”2″]
    Basically I want on mouse over to see the text and on clicking on the single gallery launch image see the iLightbox gallery. Can these shorcodes work together?
    I need to know how I can make this action happen and if it is achievable using shortcodes at all.

    1. Yes you can do it, just use iLightBox Shortcode in iLightBox Shortcode field and then where you want to show it, use image-caption-hover shortcode.


  17. so I have been using your plugin for a little over a month now, and enjoy it very much. but for some reason the pictures are all over lapping on my page. Not too sure if its a problem on my end, or something you can help fix with. thanks a lot.

  18. i would like just a simple hover effect…..just overlay and text without any animation (such as i currently have on the site, left to right)…..

    is this possible?

    btw love this plugin!

  19. Want to know how many images I could use with the hover, now I’m using around 67; if add a new one, it doesn’t appear at all.

  20. Hello,

    Thank you for the great plug in. I am trying to create a gallery using this plug in to add descriptions. Is there a way to have more than 1 picture per line?

  21. Hi there. Is there a way to center the image or position the hovering object in the center. No matter what i try, it keeps on showing up on the left hand side.

    Thank you

      1. Hi there. Sorry, I was referring to the actual image. I have been able to align the caption, but the actual image keeps on aligning itself to the left and I haven’t been able to align the actual image in the center of the page.

  22. Great app, it’s so close to what i want to do with it! I’m using it as a widget to create a menu and I could do with all the images lined up together horizonically, how do I do this?

  23. is a test site I use for developing new ideas and is not really for production.

    I have just bought your product and think it is great. Spent quite a lot of time on the demo.

    One question I have is how do I use the Lightbox feature?
    Is there a particular plugin for lightbox that is needed?
    What does the Lightbox=7 mean?

    Sorry still a newbie

      1. Hey can you warranty that if I buy the pro version the flip will work on safari (mac users included iphone)?? right now I have the free version and its not working, please its urgent


  24. Working perfectly on FF and Chrome.

    On Safari hover, it flips the image, but the “back side” is just the reversed image, no text caption.

    About 1/2 way down the page, the PRESS section, with 2 rows of 4 logos. Hovering should flip to a pink background with text on all 8 logo images.


  25. Hello, just trying out the free version, i really like this plugin and will probably get the Pro version, however i seem to have a glitch though, whenever i make a change to any of the images/captions i have created and click “Save” it always loses the caption background color i have set on all the ones i have created? I have to go back and reset the background colours and click save again and then i get the colours i have set back, kind of annoying, especially if you have lots of captions created.

  26. Nice plugin! Just wondering why when i make a change to an image/caption and click “Save” it loses the caption background colour i have set, it puts the caption background back to default on all the images/captions i have created. I then need to go back and reselct the background colour on all of them again and re-save. It would be nice if once you set a background color it kept it saved.

      1. Thanks Rameez, I was confused because when I set it to 2 columns the image comes up very small, and when I set it to 6 columns I can fit 2 on a row. But I think I am getting the hang of it. I must say it is a very beautiful plugin you have made and great for me as I am on a real budget and the free version is very generous. Thank you.

  27. Hey Rameez
    Your plugin was exactly what I needed and easy to use. The only issue I am having is that my image will not center within the sidebar. It sits at the top of the right sidebar of a static page. I have the same image in the standard sidebar and it works perfectly. Is there something you can suggest? Thank you.

      1. I was told by a programmer friend that the positioning of widgets is handled in the WP site’s code. Apparently it was coded correctly for one sidebar but not the other. Thank you very much for your immediate response. I apologize for this turning out to not be about your plugin.

  28. Hi thanks for the nice plugin.

    I am trying to purchase pro-version of this plugin. Please can you advise for how many websites this plugin can be used after the purchase?

  29. please send me prerequisites of this plugin and if any free link is available for downloading visual composer plugin

      1. its still showing this message
        “Image Caption Hover requires Visual Composer plugin to be installed and activated on your site.”

  30. Hi
    its still showing this message
    “Image Caption Hover requires Visual Composer plugin to be installed and activated on your site.”

  31. Hi Rameez , thank you for helping me can you send me any guiding video related to version 6.8? or proper guiding video for how to use such type of plugins in our website

  32. Hi, I dont know whats going on or if it is just two that i am allowed but i dont seem to be able to add any more. Is there something i am missing or is this before I have not brought the PRO package.

    Thank you,
    David Mak

  33. Hi, It’s a good time to say thank you a lot, because i used your plugin for a year
    But i just have a problem with that
    when i try to insert a link in the picture I must add HTML code in “You can also use HTML tags here” and add some text or picture like this

    Lebanon tour

    Click here

    but i want to add a link to a picture without any text
    How can I do that ?
    Could you please help me ?

      1. Hi Amir, you can do it by simply inserting the link in Link field. If you don’t have an option for Link then please make sure that you are using latest version of plugin. Thanks

  34. Hi Rameez,

    Firstly a big thank you for putting up this plugin. Its a life saver and very simple to use. I have two queries.

    (a). Is there any way to put text on the source image &
    (b). The caption I want to use is of an image which I was able to do successfully along with the effect but is there any way to put text on in too the caption image?

    I tried something like:

    Looking Into The Future

    but the text I want should be in center, any easy way out?


  35. Hi Rameez,
    Thanks for a nice simple yet powerful plugin.
    I’m having a small problem whenever I add links to the images. On rollover, they just seem to fade out instead of flip over to reveal the caption. When I remove the link, it behaves fine, but this defeats the purpose of having something to click on.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks, Cam

  36. How to use this shortcode into the CSS?
    i am using layers theme, and want to apply to my content image

    please let me know.

  37. Hello first, thx for the plugin, its really useful.

    I have 5 image hover and I want to put them at my home page. When I enter the short code of grid builder which is like this:
    [wcp-row ids=”1,4,5,6,7,”] it is not shown on the page. Only this code appears at the page. But when I enter codes of hover one by one they appear. If there is no way to use grid builder for me, is there a way to set positions of hovers one by one?

  38. Hello! I am considering purchasing your pro plugin but I have a question first. How much control do I have over the caption content, and how much contentI can include. I am trying to emmulate this example of a gallery grid display of team members: Is this possible with your plugin? Thank you!

  39. Hi first of all thanks for this amazing plugin, my question is that my client requires me to put email address with name on hover and he wants that when some one click on email than email should go to that adress so i added emailus but when i open it in browser the email function does’t work and nothing happens on click, Any help ?

    Thanks in advance

  40. Hello there. The plug in is working just fine, it’s just it seemed to have lowered the image quality of my photos quite a bit. I selected the images from my media, and they all looked fine on my webpage before but for some reason look very low quality once I ad the plug in to them.

  41. Hi Rameez,
    Great plug-in, I have a couple of questions before purchasing the pro. version.
    1. I require a matrix of images (3*8), I imagine the “Grid Builder” would do that.
    2. Passing the cursor over the image it will replace with a information, no problem. Can I put a description beneath the original image, enabling the user to select a page from a “hot spot” if required. Does the “Grid Builder” accommodate this feature?
    3. I have a experimental website
    4. The operational website provided, front page “Titled Information” to give an
    explanation of “Subject”

      1. Hi Rameez,

        Thanks for your reply, I have sent you an E-Mail asking how I can purchase a professional copy, I am in the UK I tried to make the payment of $15 by Barclaycard would you please advise me on your suggestion.

  42. How can I install the pro version without losing what I set up with the Free version? I clicked on “Unlock Pro Features” and then purchased the pro version. I was given a download file, but not sure how to install over the Free version so I don’t lose what I’ve already done.

  43. Hello, I am impressed with the design of “Imagine Caption Hover” Plugin, I hope with the Professional copy this will enable me to enhance my Website. I would like to clarify the possibility of being able to include a couple of items with the Professional Version. I obtained your Free Copy from
    1. I am assuming to have a matrix similar to my website, “Grid Builder” would provide this?
    2. Currently clicking on an image would select an Option, to maintain this feature, would it be feasible to include a label “Hotspot with a URL”, on a line under the image, to fulfill this feature this would be grate?
    3. I have an experimental website to illustrate my objective “”. My ultimate objective is to include the Hover on my website.
    4. I tried to buy a professional copy, I had problems making payment from the UK. Barclaycard was not acceptable?

      1. Dear Rameez,
        I have got my application working with “Imagine Caption Hover” Plugin, I would like to purchase the Professional copy for its refinements. The free copy satisfy’s most of my functionality requirements, except to control the size of the images.
        How can I purchase a copy of “Imagine Caption Hover” Plugin, I do not have a “Mastercard” account. I am limited to Barclaycard and PayPal.

  44. Dear Rameez,
    I have just signed up and made my purchase, how long before I will have access to the Professional version? Excuse my ignorance in understanding the procedure.

    Rgds Ray

  45. Hi Rameez,
    I am able to create one row of 3 images, I was expecting that the fourth image would go into column1 row two.

    My final matrix to have a matrix of 8 rows of 1, 2 and 3 columns. Example is my website front page.

    I would like to find some instruction please, My interest not commercial.

  46. Hi Rameez,
    I have resolved the images continuing on the rows but it would appear that you would normally expect each row to have the same number of columns.
    Is there any possibility of making one image across a row and operate within the matrix with the other images. I need to accommodate the “Bloodhound vehicle”, to attract attention. It is
    challenging for the land speed record in 6 months time, at a speed of 1,000 mph.
    Reference my website information front page for the images. The two image rows are not important but the flexibility is nice to have if required..

  47. Absolutely love your plugin! Definitely plan on buying the PRO version.

    Quick questions How do I enter the shortcode in my PHP?

    When I entered this the page wouldn’t load anymore and it indicated a syntax error 🙁
    Thanks for your help!

  48. Hi,
    I tried Image Hover free and discovered it was not responsive. Thus I bought the Pro version and uploaded into my WP install, then deactivated the free version and activated the Pro.
    I see my previous work is there but it does not load in the frontend, I am presented an endless “loading” sprite. You can see it in the Website field.
    It is quite an urgent issue.

      1. Hi Rameez,
        Thanks for the hint, that solved the loading sprite issue. I had to work a little more to make the grid responsive, but I got it to work as desired 🙂

  49. I installed the free version of Image Caption Hover …. on

    On the HOME PAGE …. the hover effect work great …. but only on a laptop or desktop

    When I use a Fire Tablet or a Samsung Galaxy tablet …. when I touch a picture of the the exterior of
    any of the properties on the Home Page ….. the hover image … does NOT appear …. you are taken
    directly to the link

    Is this a known flaw in the program when viewing with a Tablet or Phone?

  50. I have the same problem as Ricard and setting .wcp-loader { display: none !important; }
    does not work for me. I can delete the css element and the content is loading fine behind it. How do I remove this loader from blocking the content?

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