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Modify Property Page Template in Real Estate Manager

You can edit Property Page Template in Real Estate Manager WordPress Plugin by following below steps.

  1. Create a copy of your theme’s page.php file
  2. Change the name of that duplicate file to single-rem_property.php
  3. Paste below code in the content area of that file. (keep get_header() and get_footer(), just replace the_content() function)
  4. Now go to Real Estate Manager Settings -> Template Settings -> Property Page Template, and set it to From Theme.
  5. Now you can make changes in the file single-rem_property.php without losing changes on update.


Inner Code of Template File

<?php if( have_posts() ){ while( have_posts() ){ the_post(); ?>

	<?php do_action( 'rem_single_property_slider', get_the_id() ); ?>
	<?php do_action( 'rem_single_property_contents', get_the_id() ); ?>
<?php } } ?>



Wordpress Developer

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. I tired using the above commands to make changes in the template, but when I created a duplicate page (single-rem_property.php), all the contents in it looks more wider making it as a full screen. Previously, it covered only the half screen, do you have any idea in changing it into original size as before.

    1. There maybe some id or classes regarding the page.php that are missing. Try copying all wrapper classes from page.php file to that template file.

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