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Modify Property Page Template in Real Estate Manager

You can edit Property Page Template in Real Estate Manager WordPress Plugin by following below steps.

  1. Create a copy of your theme’s page.php file
  2. Change the name of that duplicate file to single-rem_property.php
  3. Paste below code in the content area of that file. (keep get_header() and get_footer(), just replace the_content() function)
  4. Now go to Real Estate Manager Settings -> Template Settings -> Property Page Template, and set it to From Theme.
  5. Now you can make changes in the file single-rem_property.php without losing changes on update.


Inner Code of Template File

<?php if( have_posts() ){ while( have_posts() ){ the_post(); ?>

	<?php do_action( 'rem_single_property_slider', get_the_id() ); ?>
	<?php do_action( 'rem_single_property_contents', get_the_id() ); ?>
<?php } } ?>



Wordpress Developer

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  1. I tired using the above commands to make changes in the template, but when I created a duplicate page (single-rem_property.php), all the contents in it looks more wider making it as a full screen. Previously, it covered only the half screen, do you have any idea in changing it into original size as before.

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