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Modify Agent Registration Fields

You can delete, edit or add more fields in agent registration form by using filter rem_agent_fields. Follow below steps.

  1. Download and install Developers Extension, activate it.
  2. Go to functions.php file of Developers Plugin.
  3. Paste following code before end of closing php, to remove social fields from agent profile and registration.


	add_filter( 'rem_agent_fields', 'rem_remove_social_fields', 10, 1 );

	function rem_remove_social_fields($fields){
		$fields_to_remove = array(

		foreach ($fields as $key => $field) {
			if (isset($field['key']) && in_array($field['key'], $fields_to_remove)) {

		return $fields;


Similarly you can add more fields by pasting below code.


	add_filter( 'rem_agent_fields', 'rem_add_more_fields', 10, 1 );

	function rem_add_more_fields($fields){
		$myfields = array(

			// Repeat this to add more fields
	            'key' => 'previous_company',
	            'type' => 'text',
	            'display' => array('register', 'edit'),
	            'title' => __( 'Previous Company', 'real-estate-manager' ),
	            'help' => '',
	            'tab' => 'personal_info',
	            'required' => false,

		$f = array_merge($fields , $myfields);
		return $f;


We’re also working on a separate extension with drag drop interface to manage agent registration fields. It will be released soon.


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