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Real Estate Manager Version 10.2.4

Following Features are added in this release

Dynamic Properties in Large Map

Now you can display properties dynamically in maps. Suppose you want to display 10 latest properties in maps, you can use the shortcode. [rem_maps order=”ASC” orderby=”date” total_properties=”10″]

Following new shortcode attributes are added

  1. total_properties (How many properties you want to display, eg: 10)
  2. order (Order of displaying properties. ASC or DESC)
  3. orderby (How to pull properties. date, author or title)
  4. meta (You can provide custom rules here. If you want to display rented properties use meta=”property_status|rent”)
  5. tags (Provide comma separated tags to display those properties)
  6. loader_color (Provide color code or name for maps loader box)

Search form, Display some properties before searching

You can display some properties hard coded before the visitor searches. Just place shortcode inside the search shortcode. For example following shortcode will display 10 recent properties with search form before searching.

[rem_search_property fields_to_show=”search,purpose,status,area,type,price” columns=”4″][rem_list_properties posts=”10″ order=”ASC” orderby=”date” style=”3″ class=”col-sm-3″][/rem_list_properties][/rem_search_property]


Display some properties in carousel based on IDs

Now carousel shortcode supports ids parameter. So you can easily display your required properties in slider by just providing their IDs. Example

[rem_carousel style=”3″ items=”3″ itemminwidth=”250″ itemmargin=”20″ total_properties=”10″ ids=”123,125,458,453″]


Change property page slug

Yes, now you can easily change the slug property if your site is in other language than English. Thus search engines will index your properties in better way. To change the slug, go to Settings -> Permalink and change property base.


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