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Real Estate Manager Version 10.3.5

Real Estate Manager version 10.3.5 allows you to

  1. Set Property approval settings for newly submitted properties
  2. Customize icons on property listing map
  3. See full profile of newly registered agents before approving


Set Property approval settings for newly submitted properties

Go to Real Estate Manager -> settings -> Advanced Settings and configure settings for it


Customize icons on property listing map

We have added 4 new attributes in rem_maps shortcode.

  1. icons_by_meta
  2. icons_data
  3. my_location_icon
  4. circle_icon



Provide property meta key here. It will be field name by which you want to display icons. Suppose we want to display different icons for Sell and Rent properties and we have 2 icons, red and blue. We will display red icon for rented and blue for sale properties. In this case field name is Property Purpose and key (data name) is property_purpose. We will set this attribute to property_purpose.



It contains icon urls based on the field values separated by commas. It follows following structure.


In our case it will be,




Provide url for my location icon. It appears when user clicks on location icon.



When multiple properties are on near locations, it displays their count on it. Provide url here for customizing this icon.


In the end, our shortcode will become like this

[rem_maps icons_by_meta=”property_purpose” icons_data=”Sell||,Rent||” a=”” circle_icon=””]


See this shortcode in action here



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